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#Girlboss Chronicles: Samantha and Delphine, Founders of Roi Relations


Samantha and Delphine are the lady bosses behind Roi Relations, a boutique PR agency that represents brands like Maybelline New York, KISS and Marc Anthony. What makes this awesome duo so successful? Definitely their positive view of life. Here are their answers to our girl boss questionnaire!

What is your favorite item of clothing?

Sam: Workout wear, especially athletic clothing that doubles as office-appropriate 🙂

Delphine: My army print bomber jacket that I picked up at The Latest Scoop in Vancouver last year. They now have a store in Toronto which I’m very happy about!
Where do you go for drinks?
Sam:  I’m currently pregnant so my California Cab habit is on hold, but when I’m back off the wagon, I love to frequent Midfield Wine Bar and Archive in Toronto for their rotating selection.
Delphine: My favourite places in Toronto are Soho House and Sidecar – I love sitting at the bar at Sidecar and watching their bartenders make the most complex and delicious cocktails. They have a members-only bar on the second floor that most people don’t know about
Your favorite places to shop?
Sam: Online all the time. Nordstrom, lululemon, Collab Boutique, JoshuaDAVID, Ani+Wren (currently!),
Delphine: I’m a sucker for Urban Outfitters – I worked there during University and have been a fan ever since. Gap and Diesel are my go-to for jeans, Club Monaco for dress pants (I have long legs so once I find pants that fit, I don’t stray!) and Vans for comfy shoes.
Who is your female role model?
Sam: To write with foresight like Margaret Atwood would be an incredible gift.
Delphine: My mom. She is the most positive and patient human I’ve ever met. She’s also an awesome grandmother; she lavishes my kids with so much attention.
Flats or heels?
Sam: Heels are a must. I’m 5’2!
Delphine: Boots, flat or with a heel
What makes you smile?
Sam: My kids. My husband. Extra large cups of coffee.
Delphine: Hearing positive feedback from my kids’ teachers, family pictures and watching a member of my work family kill it on a project
Your favorite restaurant?
Sam: Hard choice. Most recently had an incredibly memorable meal at Minami while in Vancouver with a client. To do for oshi sushi.
Delphine: For takeout, Dr. Laffa – their hummus and chicken shawarma are to die for. For date night, I really like Kasa Moto, it’s hard to find good sushi!
In your opinion, what is the hardest thing women have to face in 2018?
Sam: That’s a tough one as it has been quite a year for women in the spotlight. I still think that women need to better support their female peers in the workplace – whether it’s a colleague or competitor. That means flexibility and trust when it comes to family commitments. And it also means recognizing that competitors have worked equally as hard to get to the top, and should be treated with fairness and respect rather than cattiness and malice. There’s enough room for all of us.
Delphine: I would echo Sam on this one – being supported by other women. That and issues related to fertility, infant and pregnancy loss.
What changes concerning women would you like to see in 2018?
Sam: More support on the mental health front for women would go a long way on many levels and within many different populations.
Delphine: Equal pay for equal work, why the eff is that still a thing?
What is the last book you’ve read?
Sam: I’m midway through a classic – Rohinton Mistr’s “A Fine Balance.” 
Delphine: I just wrapped up “When Life Gives You Lululemons”. It was a light read and I thought that the parts about spinning stories were pretty accurate.  I’m listening to “Next Year in Havana” on Audible right now for my bookclub.
Where would you like to go on your next trip?
Sam: I’d be thrilled with a wine tasting trip in Napa (postpartum!) or an adults-only summer jaunt anywhere in Europe, but realistically with three kids at home, I will be equally as thrilled with a glass of wine, a bubble bath, and a locked bathroom door.
Delphine: Nashville to see a concert and NYC anytime!
Do you have a life motto 
Sam: Zoom out, and keep up the good work. And also – be kind, as you never know what someone else is going through.
Delphine: Discipline turns talent into ability
What’s the one product that’s always in your purse?
Sam: Lip balm and concealer. And baby wipes. Can’t live without ‘em.
Delphine: My Invisalign – I never wear it :/
What is a fact about you that would surprise others?
Sam: I have a secret, lifelong addiction to Young and the Restless.
Delphine: I speak Spanish. I lived and worked in Mexico City.
What is something you would like to do more often?
Sam: Sleep!
Delphine: Go out for impromptu brunch on a Sunday – tricky to coordinate with 3 kids!
What advice would you like to give to today’s women?
Sam: Take initiative, take responsibility, lean in. If you don’t know how to do it, figure it out. If you don’t know the answer, find it. Take pride in your work, whatever your job, and keep your head up. Confidence is everything.
Delphine: Don’t only accept hand-outs, don’t accept the status quo. You need to work hard to get ahead in life. Keep your chin up.

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