#Girlbosses: Women Who Inspire Us Daily


The editorial staff here can say that we’re all a little bit feminist in the soul. But above all, we can say that the women who are CEOs of lovely companies and who succeed in what they’re doing are inspiring, and make us want to work even harder in our own careers. Let us present to you each of our #girlbosses, or in other words, our female role models.

Véronique: Sophia Amoruso

Starting a career at 22 years old by launching a vintage clothing store on eBay and starting your thirties by being head of a company that’s worth over 100 million dollars, completely crazy, isn’t it? Nasty Gal’s founder did it. Sophia Amoruso is, in my (and my openly geeky side) opinion, one of the most influential people online right now. 10 years, many crappy jobs and a LOT of life lessons. That’s what it took her to become the queen of coolness 2.0.

Because it is with a good dose of humour and, despite the glam that constantly surround her, a lot of humility that Amoruso offers precious tips and advice to all the #GirlBosses in the world who want to stand out, both in their careers and personal lives, I lo-ve her!


Caroline: Lise Watier

When I was younger, I remember noticing her products at the drugstore and wondering to myself who the woman behind this huge, Quebec-based brand was. At the time, she was the only one. Then, I started paying more attention to her when she was on TV, in a newspaper article or in a magazine. Little by little, her story called out to me, and she remains to this day my inspiration as a businesswoman… and has a special place in my heart.

From her career debuting on TV and struggling to maintain and keep a company alive to her constant support for women in need, Lise Watier represents, in my opinion, the perfect balance between professional success and human kindness.


Marie-Pier: Mélissa Nepton

If I decided to study fashion marketing, it is because I am very passioned by this industry. Despite the hardships that various companies went through, they continued to evolve, to go beyond their limits and innovate. Although it is a rather feminine industry, it doesn’t mean that the majority of bosses are women, so when a woman is the head of a successful company, and is also a mother of two (double the admiration here!), I have to say that I’m shivering at the thought of how impressive it is. Let’s just say that being a designer often means very short, sometimes almost none, maternity leaves, and having to work under pressure constantly, even right before giving birth!

Mélissa Nepton is, to me, not only an amazing designer, but also a role model as a woman at the head of a company. Above her numerous collaborations with popular brands such as Target and Thyme Maternity, she was able to bring her own company to the top, and is now one of the most popular designers in Québec. Bottom line, she is an inspiration to me.

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