Glamorous Wedding Styles For A Summer Celebration


Still figuring out how to bring some high fashion fun to your big day? Some of the latest styles in bridal couture are easily accessible and adaptable fashions that you can definitely bring to your wedding planning.


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Though the bridal updo will always be part of the stereotypical vision of the bride splattered across bridal magazines and the like, style lately has catered to more natural hairstyles for the bride. Half-up dos are a great choice for showing off the bride’s ‘crowning glory’ while still adding something special to the bridal ensemble.

Braided crowns and low chignons are also great beauty choices for your big day. For a more boho look, braid the top of your hair before sweeping it back into a low bun. The low chignon, or “down-do”, is a beautiful and classic way to get your hair off of your neck and shoulders without having a look that’s too “done”.


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Dresses for this year have included a variance on classic and trendy. Pantsuits and separates have made an appearance on bridal runways. With the heat and sunshine of the summer, you may want to try out this look!

For the bride’s gown, forget the purity in favor of a little bit of color! Instead of white, off-whites, and creams, blush colored gowns are actually coming in style. This trend is surfacing through color palettes composed of shy pink pastels, soft grays, and even shades of blue.


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For bridesmaids, for the past few years the inclination has been towards giving the girls a bit more choice in the fashion of their dresses, rather than saddling the ladies in a costly dress they’ll never wear again that’s unflattering to boot! Pastels are again on trend, with some brides opting to clothe their gals in completely different dresses in completely different — but complementary — colors.


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Glamorous accessories can add that extra special something to your nuptial wardrobe, while it is important to make sure that you don’t go too over the top and clutter your look. Be careful choosing what to wear the day of the wedding and don’t get carried away with too much jewelry.

That being said, bridal crowns are one of the hottest new accessories for heading down the aisle this wedding season. Whether you choose a veil or not, a bridal crown made of flowers or even metal can be a glamorous way to tap into current trends and add some drama to your wedding look.

One of the most important accessories for the big day is of course the wedding bands. A trend seen lately is a simple set of matching wedding band for both him and her. This style of wedding bands is a timeless way of symbolising two hearts becoming one with matching rings worn on the wedding finger.


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Makeup Trends

Makeup is the place to have some fun and add some flair to your bridal look! Even if you are having a bad skin day (pimples, acne or  breakouts), makeup can be the key to a glowing look.  Try out some of the biggest styles in wedding makeup, like black winged eyeliner, smokey eyes, jewel-toned eyeshadow or a bright lip.

Infuse some glamour from the latest in bridal fashion into your wedding this summer! Enjoy your special day with some classic couture and just the right amount of special touches that capture the freshness and excitement of the season.


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