Hair: 4 oils that smell like vacation! –

Hair: 4 oils that smell like vacation!


If you are like me, you also have a soft spot for everything that smells like the Caribbean -especially when the temperature goes down! Personally, I have always been obsessed by coconut and Piña Colada scents. Not your case? Well, you’re certainly curious to know what some of our favorite hair oils are! Here are 5 products that smell just like the beach, and treat our hair at the same time.

  1. Niucoco Renewing hair serum, $60 online

Niucoco has been steadily gaining popularity in the beauty industry for a few years now. Their secret? Simple and targeted products, free of any chemical ingredient, with coconut oil at the heart of the formula. The serum of the brand is soft and silky, and leaves our hair shiny with barely a drop of serum. Heat it by rubbing your hands together, and apply on the lengths and the ends, on dry hair. You’ll be hooked too!

  1. Ogx Coconut Miracle Penetrating Oil, $11.50 in pharmacy

Its scent of vanilla and coconut is all it takes to be charmed! The oil promises to revive the color and repair the damage, in addition to strengthening the hair. Apply it on wet hair for better results!

  1. Moroccanoil Mending Infusion, $32 online

We can’t talk about hair oils without including Moroccanoil, especially since the brand is also known for its divine fragrances. The latest product that caught our attention? The vitamin-fueled Mending Infusion that strengthens and hydrates our dry hair, in addition to leaving it shiny. Its antioxidants and baobab extract formula literally transforms our frizzy ends! You have to try it ASAP!

  1. Maui Moisture Nourish $ Moisture Coconut Milk Oil Mist, $12 in pharmacy

This light and moisturizing drizzle is easy to apply on dry or wet hair, in addition to smelling amazing with its extracts of mango butter, guava and coconut milk. A formula made of 100% aloe extract and free of paraben and silicone, which also wins point for its small price!

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