Hair Colour: Covering Greys at Home –

Hair Colour: Covering Greys at Home


Our Q+A with Denis Binet
Sure, a vibrant hue for your hair can look terrific if you know how to wear it. However, the main reason women turn to dyeing their hair is to cover greys—and it’s likely to stay that way. During Clairol’s most recent product launch, the new Expert Age Defy Collection, we sat down with the brand’s consultant colorist, Denis Binet, and succeeded in squeezing a few tips out of him.

The basics
“The result you are aiming for should be close to your natural colour. You can lighten or darken it up to two shades, but you should never stray too far away from it,” Binet insists from the get-go. “You can play with highlights, and when colouring your hair, highlights can be very important.” The result: “women therefore have the possibility to give their hair a bit of an extra glow. I’m not talking about special effects. I’m not talking about playing catch up. I’m talking about hair maintenance to enhance a woman’s morale as well as her colour, and going about it with a quick and easy procedure at home.”

The first step is to “go to the pharmacy and snoop around a little bit, but it’s important to take the time to carefully choose your colour.” Then, maintenance becomes a breeze. “Hair colour is very easy to apply and rinse out—you can’t go wrong. Then, with time, you’ll learn the difference between the different shades, and understand how to play with your natural colour.”

Another decision to make: semi-permanent or permanent? “Semi-permanent hair colour colours the hair and holds for about 28 washes. The colour will end up fading and disappearing. It simply adds some highlights and shine, or allows you to go darker.” Permanent colour is effective for lightening hair or covering grey, which is what we are discussing today. “You’ll have to re-do it after one month. But home hair colour is practical because you can do it anytime. And today, there are many products that you can leave in for only 10 minutes and the smell has become almost enjoyable. Your hair becomes easier to style, which is what women are looking for.”

Without greys
That being said, “certain products are targeted to women who have more tenacious grey hair, or who have a lot of it,” the expert explains. “When grey hair is emptied out, its cuticle isn’t exactly the same. Incidentally, that’s why it sometimes takes on a weird shape, and is often coarser.”

To the rescue, “the Age Defy collection, which includes a pre-treatment gel that is applied before colouring the hair. It allows you to apply the product much more easily afterwards. It gives the product a good grip on grey hair.” The Clairol Age Defy collection is a new product for the brand and is also sold with its post-colouring conditioner, which “contains the same ingredients we know from the Pantene Age Defy collection—ultra nourishing agents that enhance the ends of the hair.”

While some women only see greys appear in their forties, most women notice one or two in their mane as early as their twenties. How about you: do you use permanent hair colour? Are you hesitant to colour your hair at home?

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