Hair Styling with Dry Shampoo?

Your best ally for enhanced texture
Dry shampoo was already our best friend on camping trips, when access to a cleansing shower was limited. Then, we added it to our everyday routine to keep our bangs looking fresh. Now, hair experts suggest using it to actually style our hair. Yup! Yours to discover, here are three texture bombs that can be used on both clean and not-so-clean locks. But first, it’s important to know: when using dry shampoo to get rid of dirt, you should apply it only to your roots. When the goal is rather to create texture, apply it from mid-length down to the tips, just as you would do with hairspray.


Pantene Pro‐V, light as a cloud
These new sprays contain tapioca as a purifying extract. The formula doesn’t include any emollients, and really impressed us with its freshness potential—which a vivid fragrance definitely contributes a lot to.

And when using them to enhance your hairstyle, you’ll notice how light these sprays feel. Available in Original Fresh, Blowout Extend for a long-lasting effect, as well as Root Reboot; the latter really adds texture to your mane without weighing it down. At all!

$7.99 each in pharmacies



Sebastian Professional for added definition
This spring, we also discovered Dry Clean Only, another new offering. And because hot weather also means an increase in sebum production, this concoction, which contains starch, a natural absorbent, is an obvious choice.

Incidentally, its use was recommended to us in order to define curls. But because dry shampoo also provides a matte finish, it allows us to create super interesting and edgy styles; braids and buns also now hold even longer than they used to.

$22.99 in various salons.


Pureology offers more than shampoo
The label, which specializes in colour protection, came to the following conclusion: the less you wash, the longer your colour stays intact. Dry shampoo is therefore a must. Fresh Approach proves to be even more beneficial, considering it contains a complex that preserves hair colour’s radiance.

And because moisturized locks are the foundation of a beautiful hairstyle, we then turn to its little brother, a dry conditioner. It softens strands and smoothes out frizz, on top of helping control static. We apply, and reapply.

$26.90 each in salons and Trade Secrets.

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