Hairstyles: 7 Spring Trends You Should Try


Ah, spring, the perfect moment to start fresh! Why not get inspired from nature’s changes, and do the same with our hair? What’s in style this year? You’ll be blown away, just wait for it. If you want to make heads turn, try these looks out!

1. The textured bob


The bob trend is here to stay! A great way to achieve volume, but don’t forget the products. Texturizing products have the capacity of changing the hair’s texture, by making it thicker, which is perfect for girls with thin hair, as it will make the styling process way easier.

Joico Liquid-to-Powder Texturizer, $29.95 in certain salons.

2. Boxer braids


All it took was one picture on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram account to make us fall in love with the hairstyle. Braids might be in, but frizz? Not really! No need to compromise; if you want to tame your flyaways and an overall sleeker look, all you need to do is to apply a texturizing cream pomade on wet or dry hair.

göt2b Texturizing Cream Pomade, $7.99 at Walmart and online.

3. The middle part


70s style is already in our closets, and will soon be on our heads, as this vintage hairstyle was very present on runways during these past fashion weeks. The best way to achieve a clear middle-part is by using a comb with long and tight teeth, and using your nose as a way to make sure your hairstyle is symmetrical. Finish it off with a hairspray.

FHI Brands Runway IQ Session Styling Dry Spray, $18.98 online and in certain salons.

4. Long hair, don’t care!


Whether you want gorgeous waves or casual ponytails, your hair is your canvas this spring. However, if you want hairstyles that’ll make heads turn, your hair needs some extra care. For a healthy and conditioned mane, and to protect your hair from heat tools, offer them maximum protection by using a heat protector when the hair is still humid.

Redken Base Express Pillow Proof Blow Dry, around $25 in certain salons.

5. The side part


Other than its natural and 90s look (that we love!), what is great with side parted hair is that it is as if you got a complete new hairstyle! In order to bring the perfect dose of volume and body, a thickening formula that you spray on your humid hair will do. Dry it off and there you have it! Beau-ti-ful.

Nioxin Thickening Spray, $16.50 in certain salons. 

6. Natural curls


Curls are coming back in trend this spring! Dry hair? A big no-no! To tame our curls and make them look soft, we use a gel-cream formula (the gel separates the curls and the cream softens the hair) that we apply on humid or dry hair.

Schwarzkopf OSiS+ Twin Curl 2-in-1 Curl Cream, around $18 in certain salons

7. All tied up


Messy buns, half buns… The boho chic trend is here to stay! Flat hairstyles? No thank you! We treat our roots with natural ingredients, such as caffeine, to wake them up and to create a maximum of volume!

OGX Beauty Root Stimulator Spray, $10.99 in drugstores.

So, tell us, which hairstyle will you be trying?

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