3 Healthy Trick or Treat Ideas


Fact; your little ones are probably going to eat a bunch of candy on Halloween and that’s okIt happens once a year after all, right? But for those who’ll want to ditch the sugar (without killing fun!), it is so easy to turn their favourite foods into creepy and terrifying treats! Here are some healthy snacks ideas made with Sabra hummus. Not only is it a good source of protein, it also tastes awesome. You go mom!

Spider deviled egg with Sabra hummus


Photo: www.sheknows.com

Prepare your favourite deviled egg recipe with the addition of cut to form spider shape.


Sabra hummus with carrot fingers


Photo: www.coolmompicks.com

Stick peeled almond on the tip of the carrots with hummus to recreate a spooky Halloween hand.


Mini spider sandwiches with Sabra hummus


Photo: www.listotic.com

Use a cookie cutter to shape spider sandwiches and add pretzel legs.


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