Hennessy Cognac Celebrates 250 Years!


 A weekend of festivities in Lunenburg

A brand reaching its 250th anniversary is a pretty big deal. Recently, Hennessy celebrated on a massive scale, and I was invited to spend the weekend in Lunenburg to join the festivities.When we receive an invitation like this, we can’t say “yes” fast enough!

But first of all, where is Lunenburg? It’s located in a small port town in Nova Scotia, about 45 minutes away from Halifax. We went to Lunenburg for an intimate celebration surrounding the arrival of the famous Hermione ship in Canada – the boat that recreates the route traveled by Lafayette in 1780. More than spectacular, the ship seemed like it had sailed straight out of our history textbook’s pages. On board, about 80 sailors are on the trip of a lifetime. You can follow her adventures on Twitter.


On Saturday evening the celebrations began with a grand dinner held at one of the best tables in Canada, the Fleur de Sel restaurant. The location was reserved for a private party that began in the beautiful garden at the back of the property. I was instantly seduced by the Side Car cocktail, a fresh combination of Hennessey cognac, Grand Marnier, and fresh lemon juice. This cocktail was accompanied by fried foie gras bites with cognac, the perfect combo for the evening.


After drinks, we sat down at one of the long tables in the restaurant for a meal that was not only gourmet, but guaranteed to be accompanied with delicious drinks! Luckily, the first course, consisting of three mouthfuls, was accompanied with a glass of limited edition, anniversary cognac, the 250 Hennessy Collector Blend. This brandy has a spicy aroma that can seduce even the most skeptic of amateur cognac drinkers. Only 60, 000 bottles of this precious edition are circulated worldwide, and some are available in select SAQs and LCBOs in Canada.


Then, paraded in right before our eyes: fish, lamb chops, and Quebec cheese plates. The meal ended with a chocolate dessert that was even more decadent. Enjoying the meal with a glass of Hennessy was like entering a universe of knowledge, history, class, and pleasure of living that no doubt left us with beautiful souveniers in our memory.



Sunday morning, the day after the anniversary party, we attended a very special, festive brunch. They invited us aboard the Hermione ship for lunch with mimosas and lobster Eggs Benedict. Despite the somewhat chilly weather, we enjoyed a magical time aboard the boat that was setting sail right after our visit. The Hermione carries two 250 litre barrels of the famous Hennessy Collector Blend. The company is a proud partner of this historical journey, having been among the first to export cognac in American territory in the late 18th century.


Guests who attended this anniversary weekend left the boat a few minutes before its great departure to Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, the last stop on the other side of the Atlantic, and we went back to Montreal with heads full of memories from this fabulous weekend. Do you want to take part in the festivities? Visit the Time Barrel online and leave a message there, which will be kept for 50 years in the historical Cognac cellars of the brand. Also, you can watch this short inspirational video that was created for the occasion. Happy anniversary, Hennessy.

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