H&M Wants to Recycle Your Old Clothes!


Goodbye, old clothing; hello, H&M discount!
Stockholm, Tuesday morning, 9:30 am. I’m sitting at a table with journalists from different magazines around the world. The discussion topic: fashion and the environment. H&M introduces us to its Close the Loop initiative, which involves collecting used clothing in stores in order to reuse the fabric, and do good for the environment. Here, a look at a practice that goes way beyond being trendy.

New collections are launched every season in stores, featuring the most recent must-have piece, trendy pants, and new seasonal colours. In your closet, clothing that is outdated, or too worn out makes way for new pieces. It’s such a pleasure for fashionistas to acquire new threads and wear the latest trends. But what happens to the clothes you get rid of? Even if they find a second life through charity organizations, their end is inevitable. That’s why H&M has found a way of launching a super smart fabric recycling programme. To encourage its customers to bring in the clothing they no longer wear, the label is offering them a $5-discount on purchases of $30 of more in store. Not bad for helping to support a cause!

“Creating a closed loop for textiles, in which unwanted clothes can be recycled into new ones, will not only minimize textile waste, but also significantly reduce the need for virgin resources as well as other impacts fashion has on our planet,” says Karl-Johan Persson, the CEO of H&M.

The label is the first to launch this type of initiative on the market. It is said that 95% of textiles that are thrown out every year could be worn again or recycled. If consumer habits continue in the same direction, our natural resources will soon run out and our beloved Earth will be in a pitiful state. To get people enthusiastic about new fabrics made from recycled pieces, H&M has even created a collection made from recycled cotton for fall. Ten denim pieces that range from pants and jackets, to overalls. And the kids’ pieces from the collection are just so cute!


So far, the programme launched by the brand has allowed it to retain up to 20% of the recycled fabric’s fibres. Someday, they hope to be able to recycle 100% of the fabrics used, which would create a continuous recycling loop. The extra advantage in all of this? It’s now possible to create new types of fabrics. A combination of fashion and technology that we love. So if you want to join the movement, swing by any H&M location and drop off your old clothes—no matter which brand they’re from—to get your discount with purchase. I was actually considering cleaning out my wardrobe before the fall season…

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