Holidays under the sun: 4 reasons to go to Cuba right now –

Holidays under the sun: 4 reasons to go to Cuba right now


It was barely November and we were already tired of winter. We started dreaming about the beach, margaritas and especially the sun. Have you thought of taking a holiday in the sun too? We  recently re-visited Cuba, one of our favorite destinations to get some sun and get out of winter. Here are 4 reasons for you to choose Cuba as a holidays destination this year!

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The Most Splendid Beaches

The highlight of Cuba is certainly the beauty of its beaches. The sand is white and the water, turquoise. Even after Irma, the Cuban scenery has kept the exotic charm that we dream of. The shells are still lovely and the idea of basking in a little sunshine is synonymous with paradise! We also discovered the popularity of beach volleyball – it makes perfect sense as the sand is so fine in Cuba.

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The Cuban Culture

If there is one culture that we enjoy, it’s Cuban culture! The people have a constant smile and the tourists always feel a warm welcome in this beautiful country. If you like to dance, the music will definitely carry you away with its vibrant melodies, and keep an eye out for Cuban music shows at your hotel! Also, don’t hesitate to explore the city near your hotel or resort. You will find colorful houses and travel to Havana – it remains one of the most gorgeous cities to visit in the world!

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The Variety of Hotels

Cuba is that type of destination that pleases all types of people and is perfect for any budget. Some hotels are located closer to Havana so that you can enjoy the city, and  others are directly on the beach. During our last trip, before the holidays, we stayed at the magnificent Pullman, one of the most stunning five star hotels in Cayo Coco. The rooms were comfortable and spacious and the beach was simply splendid. We have also noticed that the new section, for adults only, is almost ready to welcome tourists. It is luxurious and intimate, perfect for romantic getaways! If you are a fan of seafood, know that you will be able to feast on it at Pullman.  Even though the hotel is located in a region that was affected by  hurricane Irma, everything was quickly re-furbished and it was able to open its doors again only a few months later!


Yes, nature! As Canadians, we might be spoiled by endless forests and lakes; but, it unfortunately doesn’t have the ecologically friendly tourist sites that Cuba has. GO visit the crocodiles! Eat Cuban food and admire sunsets from different vantage points. An excursion in the wild jungle will leave you dazzled, and the lagoons will allow you to admire the nature from another perspective.

The best part is this country is only located a short flight from us! What are you waiting for!

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