Home Décor: Reviving your Living Room


Does your living space need a change? We hear you, so we’ve put together a guide to help you transform your living room in just a few steps, without spending a fortune. Alright, let’s get to work!

In the room

Sometimes, simply changing the furniture around can make the room seem like it’s been completely revamped. Pay attention to the room’s focal point (the spot you first zoom in on when you enter the room), and make it look inviting. Then ensure you create an unobstructed passageway.

Add a rug in order to define the space, such as in the reading area or the TV area. If the room is small and doesn’t need to be segmented, you can still add a rug to it to make it a bit cozier. A long-haired model will create a nice thickness and add to the cocooning effect.

 Photos: Pinterest – Confetti Flora Rug, starting at $78 at AnthropologiePinterest.

On the walls
Personalize the room by putting up posters that you like, or even magazine cut-outs. Choose pretty frames in which to showcase, or give the old ones crowding the attic a new coat of paint. Tip: don’t hesitate to be creative when combining colours.


Photos: Peacock Print, $24 at banquetworkshop.com – UNG DRILL White Oval Frame, $24.99 at IkeaPinterest.

Speaking of colours, you can also add some to your walls as an accent; the possibilities are endless! Paint an entire wall or even the ceiling, or add a colourful strip or rectangle to draw the focus to a certain piece of furniture. You can even draw a print onto your wall, perhaps stripes or geometric shapes.

Photos: PinterestPinterestPinterest.

In the details

Place a bunch of cushions on the couch that may not necessarily match, in order to personalize the space. Have fun with texture and prints to add dimension and character to your décor. And, of course, there’s no need to spend a fortune: you can try covering some cushions with new fabric, or simply buy new ready-made covers for older cushions.

Photos: Jungle Pillow Cover, $39.90 each at Zara Home – Sole Cushion, $89 at MobiliaPinterest.


As a grand finale, it’s important not to neglect lighting. Whether it’s a floor lamp to highlight the couch and make reading easier, or a light that comes down close to the armchair, the important thing is to respect the designated areas in order to make them even more inviting. Know that a mirror can also act as an ally when you’re putting together your lighting scheme. Placed in the right spot, it will reflect light onto the entire room, as well as make it look bigger.

Photos: PinterestPinterestPinterest.

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