House Plants 101: 5 Reasons Your Plants Turn Yellow


Shopping for home decor is fun, but let’s face it, it can get really expensive! Cheap decorating trick: house plants! They add a fresh and natural feeling to the home, and are sure to keep you busy. However, if your plants are starting to wilt or turn yellow, the beauty of the concept dies with the plant. Want to know how to keep your plants looking healthy? Read on!


Your plants might be turning yellow because you are overwatering them. As we say, you can’t have too much of something, and your plants can’t have too much water!  To fix this problem, you can add some sand to the soil your plant is planted in, or simply replant it in a new soil, and water them less frequently than you used to.


Lack of sun
If your greens don’t look green, they might be lacking sunlight. Plants feed on sunlight, and they are green because they contain chlorophyll. Therefore, if the color isn’t exactly what you’d expect a plant to be, try repositioning your plant somewhere where it will get as much natural sunlight as possible.

Insect and pest problems
This is probably the problem no one wishes to have, but it is completely normal to find small insects in your house plants. If there are tiny flying bugs around your plants, and holes in the leaves, you might have a pest problem. They are not directly harmful, but if there is a large concentration of bugs, other areas of your house can be affected, for example, your food. You can use insecticides to get rid of them, or natural remedies. Here are a few natural pesticides DIYs.


You know when you pick up a maple leaf and leave it in a dictionary for a few weeks, to reveal a beautiful, dried leaf? If your house plants have that texture, it means that they are dehydrated. If the soil is dry to the touch, it means that your plants need water. The good news is? All you need to fix this problem is water! Water them often to keep them hydrated and fresh, but don’t overwater them!

This isn’t a big problem per se, however, what you need to keep in mind is the nature of your plant. A tropical plant will not do well in a cold room, and a plant originally from a cold area will not grow well if you keep it in a heated room. Moreover, keeping plants next to an air conditioner can turn the leaves yellow or brown.


Other factors can influence the growth of your plant, but making sure it has enough water, lighting and that the temperature in which it grows is crucial. Plants add a great touch to anyone’s house, so make sure to take good care of yours!

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