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How Good Are You at Entertaining Guests?



Welcome to your How Good Are You at Entertaining Guests?

Test your hostess skills!
Hosting a party is never an easy feat, and it’s important to know how to deal with any unexpected situations with poise and calm manner. Are you a hostess with the mostess who ensures her friends feel welcome and at ease, or do you struggle to entertain your dinner guests? Take our quiz and find out!
You're hosting a fancy soirée and one of your friends shows up 45 minutes early. What do you do?
You made a dinner for six, when a friend shows up with her new boyfriend. You:
All your guests have almost arrived. How are they faring until dinner is ready?
When it is 7 o'clock sharp (i.e. the dinner start time) what is the status of dinner?
How do you keep the children of your guests entertained?
Your main dish is roast beef, but one of your guests confides that she is a vegetarian. How do you fix this?
Dinner was eaten and thoroughly enjoyed. What is the next step?
One of your guests offers to help clean up. You:

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