How NSFWomen is making everyone talk about feminine hygiene –

How NSFWomen is making everyone talk about feminine hygiene


As all you ladies know, having your period isn’t cheap and we shouldn’t shy away from talking about it either.

Bustle debuted NSFWomen last month, with the first of the series following Kailah Willcuts, who’s been living on the streets for eight years around New York City. It is extremely eye-opening and a completely different view on how we, the general public, view the homeless – especially women. When we think of the needs of the homeless, our first thoughts always gravitate towards money and food. Although for women, once a month they experience what every woman does, an often excruciating experience called the period. To cope with the cramps, there are many over-the-counter drugs we take to alleviate the pain and we have an entire aisle at the pharmacy dedicated to just pads and tampons just for this purpose.

Thankfully, the Canadian federal government eliminated the GST on feminine hygiene products, including tampons on July of 2015.  However, the tax still doesn’t make purchasing tampons or pads a cheap investment, even with those with a stable income. Imagine having to deal with your period without tampons, pads, or any type of pain relief medication.

If you are thinking of giving to your local women’s shelter this holiday season, think of donating feminine hygiene products instead of canned food. There will be an abundance of canned foods, but not many tampons or pads.

Here are some suggested products we’ve put together that you can donate.

Feminine_Hygiene_Package_DIVINE1. The DivaCup

2. Always Ultra Thin Pads

3. Lötus Feminine Pads

4. Huggies Pure Baby Wipes

5. Midol Extra Strength Menstrual Complete

6. Tampax Regular Tampons


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