How to Choose Baby Diapers


Our tips for picking the perfect model
We were recently invited to the launch of the new Pampers Cruisers diaper in New York. For the occasion, a huge inflatable game had been set up in the middle of the city where babies and parents could play as they found out more about what the new diaper has to offer: an innovation that should put a smile on a lot of moms’ faces. But first, here are a few tips on how to choose a diaper for your baby.


Tiny baby
When baby is a newborn or still very small, it’s important to bet on absorption. Some babies are smaller than others, so try to make sure your little one’s diaper isn’t too loose. Especially since at this age, their stools are often liquid and abundant.

Baby moves
Because baby is constantly wiggling around, turning over, and crawling, you want him to be comfortable when he’s exploring every corner of the house. At this stage, you want diapers that are thinner and adjusted, with stretchy sides.

He can walk!
If baby can walk, that also means that using the potty isn’t too far off into the future. Try to find diapers that are easy to get on in order to minimize changing time. Keep the focus on comfort and absorption; you’re also preparing to no longer use diapers! The variety of diapers on the market can make things confusing. Our tip: try out different ones. Some models will irritate one baby but not the other; same thing for the cut and adjustability.Once you’ve found the ideal diaper for your little one, try to stick with it despite sales you’ll find in stores.


Pampers (whose website is filled with useful tips for parents) now offers a new diaper that absorbs differently—better, actually—with three absorption channels in the diaper to distribute wetness more evenly. The result? A diaper that doesn’t sag when it’s full, that is just as absorbant, and also adjustable at the waist, thighs and bottom. The babies who tried it at the event seemed to be nice and comfy. So, parents, will you try it?

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