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How to Choose Sunscreen


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What is the best sunscreen out there? Every brand will tell you theirs is. So, instead of ripping your hair out before the many different options in the pharmacy aisle, we invite you to get better acquainted with these brands in order to know how to best use their products. Below, here are the philosophies behind three of the most popular sunscreen brands.


Ombrelle: On the hunt for UVAs
This year, the famous brand celebrates its 25th anniversary. Founded in 1990 by a Montreal entrepreneur, working closely with dermatologists, Ombrelle has been a pioneer in the fight against UVA rays. Since its inception, it has made it its mission to educate consumers about the importance of sun protection. Not only are its lotions affordable (a bottle costs approximately $20), but they also go on so well, you’ll just want to keep putting them on.

Speaking of which, Ombrelle features this body lotion inspired by its fluid face cream. It goes on easily and instantly absorbed the skin, it doesn’t leave a white film behind. That of course, in addition to boasting that UVA protection it is renowned for. Ombrelle Ultra Light Advanced Weightless Body Lotion SPF 50+, $19.99 at pharmacies.

Click here to find out about the brand’s new all-mineral lotion for kids.

3_CREME_SOLAIRE_INTERNALDid you know: Thanks to a new logo courtesy of Health Canada, you can now identify products that contain a concentration of at least 30% of ingredients that protect against UVA rays. Look for a circle on the packaging!

Esthederm and the theory of adaptation
The skin’s natural adaptation to the sun is at the core of the products from this French brand. These products are formulated to protect against UVA and UVB rays, to preserve DNA and prevent premature aging of the skin, all the while optimizing its cells’ energy environment. As a result, your skin is protected while you sunbathe and subsequently better adapts to the sun. And forget all about sun protection factors: here, tiny sun symbols indicate the level of sun protection afforded by the product.

At Esthederm, the product of the season is this spray body milk. Simply spray with one hand and apply this lightweight solution with the other. Its size is just as perfect as its texture. It protects skin while tanning and contains cellular water, the brand’s signature ingredient, which stimulates skin cells. Esthederm Adaptasun Tanning Body Lotion (available in two and three-level protection), $89 at beauty institutes and online.

2_CREME_SOLAIRE_INTERNALDid you know: You should apply sunscreen (the equivalent of two tablespoons for the entire body of an adult) at least 20 minutes before going outside and reapply at least every two hours.

Avène: lord and savior of sensitive skin
This thermal water brand melds safety and comfort in order to suit the most sensitive skin. Avène uses part or all-mineral screens melding an antioxydant called Pre-tocopheryl and their signature thermal water—the latter of which helps the skin regain balance by restoring its barrier—to prevent skin reactions caused by the sun.

This body milk offers broad-spectrum protection and dries particularly quickly. It is also completely invisible upon application. Here, the mineral screen is mixed with other sunscreens. Among new products at Avène, we also find an even safer but less invisible, all-mineral milk lotion that is even suitable for kids. Avène High Protection Lotion SPF 50+, $29 at pharmacies.

1_CREME_SOLAIRE_INTERNALDid you know: To avoid a false sense of security among consumers, Health Canada now requires that sunscreens with an SPF factor greater than 50 bear an SPF 50+ symbol on their packaging.

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