How to choose the right hair color for you


With the season of darker colors approaching, we don’t blame you for wanting to go a few shades darker with your hair color. For blondes, it’s always nice to become brunettes, and for brunettes, it’s always nice to get subtle burgundy highlights. If you’re unsure which hair color is right for you, follow our little guide of tips and tricks on choosing the right shade to match your skin tone, style, and personality!

Skin tone

As if matching a foundation to your skin tone wasn’t hard enough, now you have to think about finding the perfect hair color too. Don’t fret! There are many easy ways to find out exactly what type of skin shade you have, and find a suitable hair color accordingly. Light platinum blond usually looks great on porcelain skin with red undertones, warm reds look gorgeous with fair skin tones, whereas warm blacks are stunning for deeper skin tones.

Hair length

The length of your hair is also something to consider when dyeing your hair, especially if you want a balayage or an ombré look. On shorter bobs, ombrés might look choppy if you don’t space out the colors evenly, whereas full colors are hard to achieve on long, thick hair. These are all factors to consider!


For many, their lifestyles do not allow them to experiment with various hair colors. Whether it is your profession, health, or simply personal choice that do not allow for you to have a crazy color, you can always opt for different tones of natural shades. ‘Black’ hair can also have various tones or highlights, and under the sun or in different lighting, subtle changes are definitely noticeable.

Celebrity inspiration

Finally, if you’re still struggling to find the perfect shade for your hair, look up celebrities who have a similar face structure, skin tone, and hair length as you. Not only does it help you picture yourself with the new do, but it will also give you inspiration on how to style it and what to style it with.

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