How to Choose the Right Winter Boots for Kids –

How to Choose the Right Winter Boots for Kids


A good pair of winter boots for your kids are items that have to be chosen wisely. There are so many different styles and models that it makes our decision a lot harder than it should be. That is why we met up with a specialist in this field, Stéphanie Boucher, who is a buyer at Panda. She shares with us her tips and tricks for finding the perfect pair of boots for your child.

1.Before we begin to shop for boots for children, what questions should we ask ourselves?

Ideally, you should go shopping with these following questions in mind. They will help you determine the best choices for your children.

  • Will my child walk this winter?
  • For what activity will these boots be used for?
  • In what condition will they be worn in (downtown or in the countryside)?

2. Will my child’s age make affect my decision when it comes to buying winter boots?

It is certain that a child’s age influences the pair of shoes that will be chosen. First and foremost, the size will most likely change because kids are at a growing age and their feet are as well. Their different needs vary as well with age. A younger child who hasn’t started to walk yet will definitely be walking way less than an older child who jumps and runs around.


3. How many years should a pair of winter boots last?

It is rare that the boots last more than a winter. However, we highly suggest that you come in stores to verify and make sure that the child is still wearing the right size.

It should also be noted that for felt boots, the insulation and heat protection will go down after one year, which means that the felt should be replaced if you want to keep wearing that pair of boots. The body of the boot should be in good condition. The material used to make winter boots is good enough to last more than one season.

4.Is it better to buy boots that are larger so that they fit my child’s feet longer?

No, it is the absolute opposite of what you should do. A bigger boot will cause the child’s feet to be cold where there is an empty space. Also, a bigger boot will overuse the sole prematurely. Our in-store advisors suggest that for kids between 0 an 2, you should be able to fit two fingers in the front of the boot (because at this age, they grow up faster). For a child between 2 and 6, we suggest that you leave the width of a thumb in front of the toe.

5. What are common mistakes people make while buying boots for kids?

Buying bigger boots or buying boots thinking that they will be warm because ”it looks warm”. The quality of the materials used will make the boot’s heat index higher, not the way it looks.

6. Finally, what materials should we look for in a durable winter boot?

Favour a “water-resistant” or “waterproof” boot. The difference between the two is that a waterproof boot is covered by a coating that creates a banner that ensures that nothing goes through the boot. The coating will be more expensive than a water-resistant product. With a waterproof boot, your children’s feet will never be wet, even if they step in a puddle.

Other materials that you should look for are :

  • Rubber
  • Neoprene
  • Leather, suede or any other waterproof treated material.

You now know how to make a wise choice and are ready to go winter boots shopping with your little angel. Need inspiration? Peek here!

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