How to enjoy the outdoors with your family –

How to enjoy the outdoors with your family


During the Holidays, I was on a press trip in Vermont with my family for a ski trip. The average temperature was around -24 degrees, so we had to use quite a bit of imagination in order to have fun with what we had. Next week, I will be at the Coupe Best Buy (the biggest outdoor Hockey tournament in Quebec) and I will definitely be repurposing some of my learned (and approved!) tips.


Here they are!

Layers, layers, layers


This is very important, as it allows you to maintain your body heat. I especially love tight thermal undershirts and pants that you can layer under your sweaters and your joggers.



Warm yourself up regularly


The second you feel slightly chilly, take the opportunity to take a break inside a heated building, whether it’s the chalet or the rental booths. Also, choosing an activity that keeps you active will help lower your risks of getting cold!



Hotshots : my best friends !


Have you heard of HotShots hand and feet warmers, these little magical pouches that you can put in gloves, shirts, and under your feet? Shake them up or leave them at room temperature to heat them up, they come in handy (pun intended).

Take time off to warm up after the activity


Whether it’s around a fire, in a warm bath, a spa, or any other, make sure to take time off to warm up your body. Why not with a good, hot drink? I recommend this hot chocolate recipe in a slow cooker. Get it ready before leaving the house and come home to a comforting drink.


Protect your skin


Moisturize before and after, especially areas that aren’t protected from the cold air. A neckwarmer can come in handy if you need extra protection.

Have fun!

Be prepared – and enjoy the beauty of the winter outdoors!

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