How To: Find the Best Glasses for Your Face Shape


Attempting to determine what shape of glasses are ideal for your face shape is a complicated process. The number of seemingly simple factors sound like a Kindergarten syllabus (colours, shapes, sizes, etc.) but they actually make up a long, convoluted list of variables you have to calculate in order to find your perfect match. After hours of tireless research, we’ve cracked the code.


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You have a round face if you’re sporting full cheeks, a wide forehead, and a rounded chin. Usually the width and length of your face are roughly proportional. If you have a round face shape, you’re going to want glasses that will contrast the roundness, and add some angles to your soft-accented face.

Our suggestion: Armani Exchange Urban Attitude AX3008, $130.00 at Lenscrafters



Face shape photo: Bonlook

If you have a strong, square jawline with angular lines and equally wide forehead and cheekbones, your face is square shaped! Since the general basic rule for buying glasses is to find ones that will soften your face shape, people with square face shapes should look for rounded frames, like cat-eye.

Our suggestions: J’adore in Sky, $129, available at Bonlook



Face shape photo: Bonlook

You have an oval face if your cheekbones are slightly wider than the rest of your face, but your jaw and forehead are slightly narrow. If you have an oval face shape you are #blessed because it’s the easiest face shape to find frames that will fit. You should look for a frame that’s the same width as your face, but be careful not to go too oversized, because you don’t want to overwhelm your pretty features!

Our suggestion: Berlin, $68 available at EyeBuyDirect



Face shape photo: Bonlook

You have a heart-shaped face if you have a broad forehead that tapers into a small chin, usually with high cheekbones. Heart face shapes are tricky, because you don’t want to accentuate a wider forehead. Usually, lighter colours or thin, delicate frames are perfect.

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