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How to get the perfect Instagram photo


In this digital age, rarely are you going to meet someone who doesn’t use social media of some sort. We’re all guilty of spending (too much of) our time on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook… Undeniably, then, we also spend a good chunk of our time posting photos, on the ‘gram, specifically. Whether you’re just starting to discover this addictive application or you’re a pro at #selfies, here are some timeless tips that anyone can benefit from for a perfect Insta pic.


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The lighting of your photo is probably the most important part of it! Depending on the mood you are going for, not only does it simply make the photo easier to look at, it also helps bring out what you want to show off to the world. If it’s a selfie, for example, make sure to get a nice natural light shining on you, as not only will it give you a healthy glow, it’ll also be clearer and sharper!


Flat lays were, and still are, some of the most popular photos on the ‘gram. They are pleasing to the eye and extremely insightful, especially when they are product recommendations or outfit ideas. The placement of the objects, and consequently the position of your camera, plays a huge part in the final result — opt for symmetry and less negative space, without crowding the image.


Depending on the aesthetic you are trying to convey, colors are often what attract the eye in the first place. Too many colors can take away from your content, so make sure every color there is there for a reason! From travel scenery to outfit posts, the colors always help enhance the picture itself.


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It seems like no picture can be posted without editing first! From VSCOCam to Afterlight, to those popular Asian editing apps, there are so many to choose from. Though it is possible to go overboard, these apps are ingenious for days when you want to hide a little blemish, or help add a bit of lighting and contrast to your images. After all, these are all ways to enhance an image, contributing to your own artistic expression.


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The quality of the image is probably the most crucial part of it. Not everyone has access to a personal photographer 24/7 (we wish!), but there are no excuses for bad quality photos now! Smartphones are equipped with some of the best, sometimes even better than DSLR, cameras, and it simply takes good lighting and a good focus to snap the perfect snapshot. Whether it’s a trip or a moment you want to immortalize forever, make sure you do it in HD, and in focus!

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