How to Help At-Risk Youth in Canada with Virgin Mobile


Youth homelessness: it’s pretty much a reality here in Canada. And not only do these kids not have a place to call their own, they are also without opportunities to help get themselves off the streets.

With 225,000 Canadian youth either not in school or without a job, and 6,000 of them sleeping out on the streets, it’s plain to see how easy it is for them be locked out of certain opportunities that may come easier to some of their other peers, including opportunities out in the job market.

Virgin Mobile has long been raising funds and spreading awareness regarding youth homelessness with their RE*Generation programme, this year wanting Canadians’ help in unlocking these opportunities, to give teens access to the skills and education they need to get their first job… sometimes that crucial first step to getting off the streets!

Want to help? Simply text REGEN to 30333 to make a $5 donation to Virgin Mobile RE*Generation. Want more info? Visit

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