How To: Keep Your Makeup on Your Face at an Outdoor Wedding


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Whether at the beach or botanical garden, there’s no denying outdoor summer weddings are stunning. The only potential danger – runaway brides, and worse, runaway makeup! Here are some of the best products to help make sure your face doesn’t turn into a makeup slip-n-slide when braving the great outdoor ceremony:


1. Face primer: This is a virtually foolproof way of getting your makeup to stay put. You apply primer after moisturizer, but before foundation. Primer creates an even surface for better product distribution, while simultaneously increasing the bond between your makeup and your skin. If you want to keep your makeup locked down, primer is the answer to your prayers.
The POREfessional, Benefit Cosmetics, $39.00 at Sephora

2. Mascara primer: If you’re thinking of investing in a new waterproof mascara just in case you cry during the ceremony (or because it’s so hot outside you know your mascara is probably going to try to make a break for freedom), why not just make your favourite mascara waterproof? Anastasia’s new waterproof top coat instantly makes your preferred mascara resiliant to water, prevents smudging, and keeps it in place all day long. This stuff is amazing, and proves that we live in the golden age of technology.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius Waterproof Topcoat, $28.00 available at Sephora

3. Blotting papers: Blotting papers help absorb excess oil without smudging your makeup all over the place so you look like something out of the Impressionist era. They’re great for when you find yourself starting to get slightly sweaty – just dab your forehead with one of these bad boys and shine on. Bonus: pack these instead of tissues to wipe away any emotional tears.
Clear Complexion Blotting Linens by boscia, $13.00 at Sephora

4. Finishing spray: When you’re done doing your makeup and want to take extra security measures to make sure it doesn’t try to pull off some grand escape attempt when exposed to the elements, spritz on some finishing spray. Finishing spray is the Alcatraz of smudge-proof makeup, sealing your products in while simultaneously adding a subtle, dewy glow. Spray it on your face in an “X” motion, and then gently pat it with your fingers to set it in place. Your makeup will stay still all night and day!
Check out our favourite: Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray, L’Oreal Paris, $18.99 in select stores.

What do you think? Did I miss any key ingredients? What are your pro tips? Let us know in the comment section!

Bonus, here’s Rhianna singing about my feelings towards eyeliner during outdoor weddings:

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