How to Look Chic in the Rain


Cropped portrait of an attractive young woman walking in the rainhttp://, one of the best times of the year but also one of the rainiest. Don’t let the downpour stop you from going out. Here’s a bunch of ways to stay dry during these rainy months.

Grab a pair of rain boots

Rain boots are a must when there’s a downpour. I know that converse are like the classic fall shoes but they’re literally the worst thing to wear when it’s raining. Check out these short Hunter boots, they’re a great investment for those terribly rainy days.

Original Short Gloss Hunter Boots from Browns Shoes for $155.00

Trench coat for warmth

A water repellent trench coat is your best option to stay dry. This jacket is classic and will definitely keep you warm and you’ll be on trend. Zara has a great collection of trench coats this season.

Water Repellent Trench Coat from Zara for $119.00

Stay under my umbrella

This is super obvious and almost everyone has an umbrella but a lot of the time we buy umbrellas that are cheap and they always get ruined. Invest in an umbrella that you know if good quality. Look for one that is made with durable fabric and mas a manual mechanism.

Large Solid Umbrella from Simons $19.00

Find the biggest scarf possible

Scarves are your best friends when it’s raining and cold. Not only are you more likely to stay warm, a big scarf will be a protective shield against the rain until you find a dry spot.

Woven Scarf from H&M for $19.99

Waterproof bag

Invest in at least one waterproof bag. You don’t want your valuables to get wet. If you don’t want a waterpoof bag, then get a bag with a flap to cover the zipper are. Lacoste has great waterproof bags that will keep your valuables dry, while you stay chic.

Concept Tote Bag from Lacoste for $120.00

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