How to Make the Holidays Last Longer –

How to Make the Holidays Last Longer


The long-awaited Christmas holidays are finally amongst us! Everyone is looking forward to the family gatherings, the brunches and of course, to relax after a hectic year of work. However, it seems like these holidays always fly by! Do you ever feel like your holidays don’t last long enough? Here are our 6 tips on how to make the holidays last longer!

1. Do your chores early in the morning
Procrastinating is inevitable nowadays, but don’t let it ruin your holidays! Doing your chores first thing in the morning (or after a cup of coffee and a good breakfast) will make you feel like you have the whole day ahead of you instead of feeling like a burden. No one likes to go out knowing that chores are waiting for them at home!

2. Don’t sleep in late every day
As tempting as sleeping until noon sounds, don’t do it! It simply wipes off half of your day, and you won’t feel any more energized as if you woke up early and had a big breakfast. Try to wake up as early as possible and eat well. As they say, early birds get the worm! A good way to wake up at a decent hour would be to plan something fun in the morning, like going for brunch or taking the kids to the park. Therefore, you’ll be looking forward to the morning.


3. Make as many plans as possible
Although a Netflix and pizza night sounds fun, make as many plans as possible with anyone who asks you if you’re available, whether it’s high school friends, colleagues or acquaintances you want to get to know. On the spot, it might sound tiring but by the end of the night, you’ll be incredibly happy you went out. Holidays are for making memories!

4. Try out something new
It’s the perfect way to develop a new hobby while being productive! Take up something completely different, maybe photo editing? Or even woodcarving! Who knows, you might get the chance to showcase your new-found talent soon. By doing something different, you’ll get your mind off things and by looking at how much you’ve achieved, you’ll feel the these holidays lasted way longer than they actually did!

5. List out everything you have planned
Lists are incredibly helpful for anything and anyone. Write down all the events you’re attending, or coffees you’re grabbing with friends and family. It’ll make it easier for you to keep track of things, and a list is a great visual representation of what’s on your mind. It’ll make you look even more forward to things!

6. Keep yourself busy – but don’t overwork!
Chances are, you will be quite the busy lady during the Holidays. Family gatherings, outings with friends and shopping trips… Don’t overdo it! By giving yourself too many tasks, you’ll feel like the vacations went by in the blink of an eye without you even realizing it. Find the perfect balance between productivity and relaxation!

Christmas vacations only come once a year, so make the most out of them! Happy Holidays!

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