How to: Make Your Own Caipirinha


The buzz is starting as the Summer Olympics are about to start in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Friday. It’s hot, humid, and the best time to mix up your own drink, so what better way to celebrate then with your very own Brazilian inspired “Caipirinha“, and you don’t even need a bartender!


What you’ll need:


• 1¾ oz Pitú Cachaça (rum may be used as an alternative)
• Half a fresh lime (cut into wedges)
• 2 tsp. white sugar
• Crushed ice
• Slice of lime for garnish


1. Place fresh lime wedges into rocks
glass and add sugar. Muddle the
lime and sugar, fill rocks glass with
ice and add Pitú.

2. Stir ingredients until ice starts to melt.
Garnish and serve with lime slice.

For a unique Canadian twist on the traditional
Caipirinha recipe, substitute the white sugar
with 1 tsp. of maple syrup.

In anticipation of the Olympics, Pitú has customized a cocktail in celebration of the events. Traditionally, the Caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil (and its most common distilled alcoholic beverage!), and the Cachaça spirit is the primary ingredient in the recipe.

Pitú Cachaça is available across Canada. Click here for more information.


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