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How To Make Your Own DIY Halloween Costume



Halloween is just a short week away, and often times we find ourselves going last minute shopping for costumes we likely won’t wear again! However, if you have the right supplies at home at your disposal already to make your own unique costume, then why not take advantage? Here are five tips for beginner sewers who want to make their own DIY Halloween costume.

1. Choose fabrics that won’t unravel

When you work with fabrics that don’t fall apart so easily, costumes become a bit easier to get through. Some fabric suggestions are felt, vinyl, pleather, or flannelette. Once these fabrics are cut up, the raw edges won’t deteriorate, so the finish will look like you didn’t even make it!

2. Find pieces you already own

Especially if you’re new at sewing or haven’t done it too often, sewing an entire costume may be intimidating. To make it easier, start off with some clothing items you already own, or head down to your local thrift store! This will save you time if you don’t have much of it. Once you have your base, you can start creating the rest.

3. Have an easy-to-use sewing machine

If you don’t already own a sewing machine or the one you have may seem a bit complicated to use, the Brother NQ900 sewing machine has speed control to adjust your speed accordingly, an automatic needle threader, and a bobbin that is easy to load. This will not only save you time, but also the risk of making a mistake.

4. Use your creative side 

Don’t be afraid of using a glue gun! You can add glitter, studs, appliqués (the Brother NQ900 also has a sideways-sewing feature!), or trim to your piece. Many sewing machines have the resources to stitch in fonts, so adding words or monograms to your costume is more than welcome!

5. Don’t get stressed out

Making your Halloween costume isn’t a walk in the park, but the feeling of satisfaction you will have by the end will be totally worth it. And don’t get too angry if you make a mistake – the beauty of sewing is that you can cover it up! Halloween is all about having fun, so roll with it with a smile and keep going. Once you’re done, you can show it off to your family or friends with pride!

These tips were provided by Denise Wild – TV personality, sewing, DIY expert.

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