How to Pack Efficiently For a Vacation

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Photo from Pinterest

Traveling during the cold months are the best things to do. For your next vacation why not pack more efficiently by following these guidelines we’ve set up for you below!

What To Put Into Your Suitcase

Opt for clothes that you can layer as opposed to bulky ones. That way, you’ll be ready to brave whatever climate awaits or, at the very least, temperatures below Nordic cold!

Also, choose versatile and neutral garments which are easier to mix and match. But, totally go crazy with accessories. They make the outfits!

Only bring shoes you are sure to wear more than once, and leave the ones that need breaking in behind. No matter how great they look, your feet will thank you for it.

Select quick-drying fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily, such as a light blend of synthetic fibers containing polyester.

Basic Packing Rules

Place the heaviest items at the bottom, or against the side that faces the floor upon transport. Thus, if you opt for a suitcase on wheels, place these pieces against the side of the wheels.

Opt for a smaller but full suitcase rather than one that is too big. This way, the contents won’t move around inside, which will prevent your clothes from getting damaged.

Bring a durable and foldable cloth shopping bag that you will be able to bring on board the plane on your flight home. It’s not that we don’t believe you won’t stick by your New Year’s resolution not to shop, but…

Maximize the space inside your luggage by slipping your socks into your shoes, and then putting your shoes into a bag to protect your clothes. The latter can then be used as a dirty laundry bag.

Transport your toiletries and all other liquids in a waterproof bag. A plastic freezer bag with a zip closure does the trick. And remember to choose travel-size products.

Store your handbag in your suitcase, and use a large tote with compartments to carry everything you need to have with you.

Fold your clothing in the ‘Konmari’ style. Check out these images on how to fold all types of clothes and have them standing up so that you can see everything in your suitcase.

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