How to Survive New Mom Fatigue –

How to Survive New Mom Fatigue

Our little guide to letting go
When you were pregnant, people likely kept telling you to “take it easy and rest.” The problem was, you didn’t necessarily feel like spending your days napping. You were probably running around, keeping busy during the long wait. And then, bam: this tiny little person showed up, and in less than no time, you started to feel drained. Sound familiar?
Give yourself a chance
Yes, we live in a performance-driven world. We‘re constantly looking to push ourselves, often forgetting that we are the ones pressuring ourselves to achieve often unrealistic goals. How about unloading some of that pressure? Why not put aside that superhero attitude, even just for a few weeks?In order to do so, one must let go of her “perfect mom” aspirations. After all, in real life, there are no Instagram filters. Yes, “they” look good with their newborns, all smiles and perfectly made up; but let’s not forget these so-called perfect mothers they have their off moments, too.
We can choose to live in reality, in the here and now. To take a deep breath and look for beauty in those dangerously authentic, perfectly imperfect moments, that don’t include mascara or frills.Ask for help, for pity’s sake!
You probably don’t want to let baby out of your sight; you feel like you’re his ultimate source of happiness. But for your child to be soothed, you have to take care of yourself, too. After all, you won’t be able to live off adrenaline for much longer.“Being more detached” is easier said than done, it’s true. But the advantage of this rather unusual level of fatigue is that all you need is a 30-minute power nap, or a simple bath to feel re-energized.

Ask someone you trust fully to go out for a walk with baby. As hard as that may sound, the only way you’ll really be able to rest is if you don’t hear the baby’s gurgling sounds. After that (a few minutes later, in reality), the reunion will be majestic.

It will pass

how to survive new mom fatigue
No, it won’t be like this forever. Your head feels heavy and your tummy might be a little flabby, but go easy on yourself. You’ve just given birth; don’t forget it. The experience was certainly a very physically demanding one, and very hard on your body. You’re also experiencing a severe lack of sleep, but that, too, will pass.

As time passes, feedings will be more spaced out, and you’ll get full nights worth of rest again. And, with many firsts will come bigger transformations. Each of us experiences maternity in a different way, and all babies are unique; it’s essential for your morale to remember that you’ll soon feel like yourself again, and regain your sanity, your energy, and your body in the near future.

Never underestimate hormones
While pregnant, most women feel good, sometimes even euphoric. We have hormones to thank for that. It is that our progesterone levels tend to be considerably higher. And then, after giving birth, they tend to drop dramatically, which gives the body a shock. It can take several months before regaining your hormonal balance.

But the simple fact of considering this cause—which is out of your control—when you’re experiencing a bout of discouragement helps a little. Once again, you see: it’s important to let go! And if you were to admit how tired you are, your anxiety, or fear, and realize that most women experience the same emotions, wouldn’t you be a little easier on yourself?

Be patient with him (yes!)
The men who realize the true state of their partner when she’s just given birth are rare birds. Even the most empathetic and devoted guys sometimes complain about how “tired” they are. Boom! You can waste a tonne of energy (or whatever’s left of it) trying to prove that you are way more tired than he is, or simply be patient.

That being said, it’s essential to rest, which would be difficult without his help. So here’s a tip: when you feel like he doesn’t understand the state you’re in, confide in a friend and let the dust settle before telling him how tired you are. After all: he’ll realize that you need more sleep. And the good news is that his relationship with your child will grow every day, and he’ll gradually grow into his role as a parent, as well.

Go out even if you don’t feel like it
No matter what kind of weather you’re faced with, going out, even if it’s just quickly getting out of the house, will work wonders for both mommy and baby. We get it: you’re tired, and wouldn’t want to meet anyone you know. Get over all that and force yourself to get some fresh air, and see some people. Every single time, we promise you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Take it from a not-so-new mommy: you’ll do just fine!

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