How to Throw the Ultimate Oscar Bash


The 89th Annual Academy Awards take place this year on February 26th, and it’s always fun to watch it with a group of friends. Here are some tips on how to host your very own glamorous Oscar party!


Have the proper decor for the occasion! Because this is Oscar-themed, maintain a gold and black theme. Same can be done for a “Movie Night” or “Hollywood” themed party!


Fill up the room with balloons and garlands to make it sparkle! You can get the balloons above from Party City! Also, check out this great DIY Oscar Statue Paper Cut Out HERE!






Print out copies of the Oscars ballot sheet, and provide one to each guest before the show starts. Each guest can then make their own predictions. At the end of the evening, hand out prizes, such as golden trophies, to the guests who have the highest number of correct winning predictions.

Food & Drinks

Set food on a buffet table away from the TV so guests can get up to move around during the more dull portions of the telecast.


Desserts are a must so be sure to have sweet treats for your guests to enjoy.

Click HERE on an easy tutorial on how to make your own macarons, and click HERE on how to make some delectable donuts.


Serve a selection of finger foods and bite-sized appetizers as these will be the easiest types of food to munch on in front of the TV.

Click HERE for a recipe for homemade bite-sized lasagna and click HERE for the recipe for fried mac & cheese balls.


Serve one or more signature cocktails, or several different ones, named after this year’s Oscar-nominated films and stars. Mix up a Grand Mimosa and re-name it the “La La Land”, or serve a Sangria disguised under the name “Hidden Figures”. The possibilities are endless—just use your imagination to come up with fun and original names!

Click HERE for our Grand Mimosa recipe. We recommend the Nicolas Feuillatte Brut Champagne if you prefer a citrus/apple aroma, which goes perfectly if you want to concoct a mimosa.

Click HERE for our Sangria recipe. You can mix it up with either red or white wine. For red, we recommend the Meiomi Pinot Noir, perfect for those who enjoy a mixture of woody, spicy, floral and fruity aroma. For white, we recommend the Ruffino Pinot Grigiot, which contains floral, fruity and mineral aromas.


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