How to Wear White This Fall


Did you think white was a no-no after Labour Day? (If you answered “yes”, what year are you living in?!) Even though white has been present in many labels’ Fall/Winter collections for many years now, the misconception is still quite common. Once again this year, many white pieces caught my eye. But before checking out different looks, here are a few basic tips to follow if you plan to wear white when it’s cold out.

  • Fabric alert. No, your little white linen dress might not look great with opaque tights. However, wool, cashmere, cotton and other thicker fabrics you would usually wear in winter are all great options for exploring shades of white.
  • Think about the hues you combine your white blazer with. That flower print cami? Not so much. A khaki jumpsuit? Yes, definitely. Add white into your fall—and winter—style palette, and all will be well.
  • Do you know how to layer? The idea of wearing several layers of clothing is always appealing in winter. Combine your cream-coloured wool pants with a denim shirt and a grey sweater. You’ll see: white will suddenly make sense.
  • Opt for softer whites that aren’t as bright (think off white, for example).
  • Accessorize your looks with seasonal jewelry. A white pantsuit looks amazing with a bib necklace.

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