Hyba: The New Place To Go For Sportswear


Active soul or simply a lover of comfortable clothes, you will love what follows. Hyba, the new member of the Reitmans family, just opened around the country. What we like about it? It offers sportswear, yoga clothes or clothes to lounge around in, in a very pursued design and in fits that are flattering. It also comes from a Canadian brand and is affordable!

In honour of the store openings, the divine team decided to participate: the three writers filled out the quiz to see what their Hyba personalities were, and here are the results.

Véronique: the mindful mover


Comfortable clothes that she will get use out of at hot yoga or during a meditation session. The spiritual one prioritises mental and physical stability, which is where the name comes from.


Caroline: the go-getter


The bold and determined woman who works hard to achieve her goals, that’s her. The items are made for cycling, running, or any other performance sport, all the while being stylish and comfortable.


Marie-Pier: the fun seeker


In between the spiritual and the determined one, the playful one is mainly there to have fun. She would sing her heart out while you’re trying to focus on the zumba class. The items are playful and ensure great performance as well.

You should do the quiz before going in stores too!


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