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We Tested: The New HydraForce Collection by Lise Watier


1_LISE_WATIER_INTERNALDo I struggle with dry skin? Not really. I have combination skin. Is my skin well hydrated? Hmm. That’s where I have problems. Every time I meet an esthetician, I always get told “You have great skin! However, I think it needs to be more hydrated.” Yikes! And I thought my skin hygiene was good. I guess this is a reality check!

Just know that many women struggle with dehydrated skin without even knowing it. Dehydrated skin doesn’t mean that your skin is dry and flaky, everything is actually happening under the epidermis. A dehydrated skin usually brings discomfort, although subtle. Your skin might feel tight, but it is easily ignored. That’s why I was excited to try out the new HydraForce collection by Lise Watier. A charming little gadget even came with the products. Connect it to an application if you wish to see your skin’s level of hydration! Because the device was created mostly for the media, Lise Watier even organized a few events for women who wish to test out their skin’s hydration level. If you wish to try it out for yourself, visit New Market’s The Bay, who is holding this event on April 2nd.


So yes, my skin is in need of more water, but the products from this new collection are here for that. The Gaspesie’s algae extract is here to protect the skin and conserve its hydration, leaving it glowing and smooth. It also takes care of the tight feeling that dehydrated skin leaves on my face, and makes it feel relaxed and supple instead. I love the gel-cream formula, that isn’t too rich nor too fluid. The night cream is amazing also, and the thick formula feels great on my face. Finally, the hydra-protecting lip balm is my new favorite. It is hydrating and easy to keep in my purse! So, is your skin dehydrated too?


*This content was made possible thanks to Lise Watier.

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