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Ian Somerhalder to the (Wildlife) Rescue!


Visits to special hospitals with DAWN
Animal lovers, this is for you. Recently, I went to California and visited two hospitals for wild animals that provide help for seals and sea lions in the San Francisco Aream as well as wild birds in Los Angeles. If you’ve ever set foot in this region, there’s no doubt that you’ve noticed the richness of the nature found in the area, despite the emancipation of large cities. Unfortunately, it’s threatened by pollution, global warming, and uninformed citizens, all of which are responsible for the serious consequences that are now face by Californian wildlife.



Several celebrities have rallied around the cause, including Ian Somerhalder, who has chosen to defend California’s wildlife. I attended his press conference (aaaaahh) and I met the wonderful creatures who will make you want to get involved in the cause.


San Francisco: The Marine Mammal Center
The center hosts between 600 and 800 animals each year. Recently, the numbers have been climbing dramatically. Nature has been increasingly disintegrating, with more animals getting closer to the banks; and when they’re closer to the population, incidents tend to multiply. Lack of food, diseases, strangulation, dangerous pieces of plastic, exhaustion. Seals and sea lions are rescued and taken to the center, where they’re treated, fed, and taught how to fish for food. More than 800 volunteers are involved in the cause, safely bringing animals to the center, and lending a hand to help keep the facility clean, safe, and efficient. It’s important to remember that these animals are wild, and they should be treated respectfully, and to keep a safe distance from them. They shouldn’t be fed or taken selfies with! If you see them in their natural habitiat, make sure to respect them and resist the temptation to touch.


Los Angeles: International Bird Rescue
This center alone houses just over a thousand birds in crisis a year. Until recently, an oil spill had caused a state of emergency near the Santa Barbara beach, endangering birds and animals who were covered in oil. Add that to fishing accidents and pollution, and birds needour help now more than ever. Here, we treat magnificent pelicans, cormorants, geese, and so many more different species of birds, aquatic or not. You know the DAWN advertisement with the super cute, super tiny birds? That’s the kind of scene I saw. Careful, though, as you should never attempt to wash a bird yourself, as this could be dangerous for its survival. In this type of emergency situation, it’s best to let the professionals take care of it.


For quite some time, the DAWN label has been involved in preserving wildlife. The famous dish soap is one of the few that’s effective for cleaning birds and animals that are covered in oil. Apparently, it’s gentle for their plumage, managing to dislodge grease better than other products currently available on the market. For over 40 years now DAWN has been involved with rehabilitation centers that focus on rescuing wild animals. Since 2006, over 50,000 bottles of DAWN soap were donated to the two centers mentioend above, helping them clean more than 75,000 marine animals in the United States. For that, we say a big thank you to DAWN and congratulations to everyone who was somehow involved in helping these wildlife hospitals!

Take a look at the touching video of four volunteers who are involved with the hospitals that are mentioned above. What about you? Is there a cause that you’ve taken to heart?

Dawn Helps Save Wildlife – Deborah Heritage

Dawn Helps Save Wildlife – Stan Jensen

Dawn Helps Save Wildlife – Andie Perez

Dawn Helps Save Wildlife – Ashley Grey

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