Innovation Meets Fashion: The Future of Fabrics

Tide + Downy on the forefront of fabric care
Recently, we joined Procter & Gamble (P&G) in New York City for their annual Future Fabrics event. Hosted by Fashion Police’s George Kotsiopoulos, we got a lesson in the fabrics of tomorrow, and the right way to care for our clothes. After all, as we learned from guest speakers Sabine Le Chatelier, Deputy Fashion Director at PREMIERE VISION, and Dr. Lawrence Rosenblum, psychology professor at the University of California Riverside, fabrics are more than just material.
Our MC for the P&G Future Fabrics event, host of Fashion Police and author of Glamorous by George: The Key to Creating Movie Star Style, George Kotsiopoulos.
The latest technology
Fabrics can convey so many emotions, elicit so many memories, that keeping them looking newer and for longer is imperative. We had the opportunity to look at, smell and feel clothes treated with P&G’s latest product innovations, and the proof was right in front of us: brighter colours, long-lasting, scents, and strong fabrics. The upcoming product line includes Downy Fresh Protect, akin to deodorant for your clothing, which neutralizes and blocks odors; Downy Infusions Botanical Mist, which boasts renewing scent pearls that release a burst of fragrance every time your clothing moves; and Tide HE Turbo, which works with high-efficiency machines for maximum results.Mary Johnson over at P&G research and development answered a few questions for us on how Tide and Downy’s approach to fabric care helps clean and maintain clothes at the fibre-level. After all, when women wear just 20% of their clothes 80% of the time, these garments that get the most use (and love) out of you need to last as long as you need them to!

How are Tide and Downy changing the game when it comes to cleaning and caring for one’s clothes?  

“Tide and Downy are changing the game when it comes to caring for the clothes you love because through the 3-Step FiberSCIENCE approach, they take care of the fibers in your fabrics in the same way you care for your skin or your hair: by cleaning, protecting and enhancing. This means you can preserve and even enhance the multi-sensorial qualities of the clothes you love—their look, feel and scent—so you are maintaining not only their longevity but also their “quality of life”.”

With the new advances in Tide, how is its new formulation keeping clothes looking brighter and newer-looking for longer?

“Tide’s formulas help protect and improve the look of clothes via a process of fiber purification and preservation, which removes and prevents impurities from re-depositing back on fibers.  This can cause clothes to appear dull and dingy and influence people’s emotions and preference.  Tide also helps protect the feel of clothes through FiberSCIENCE technologies specialized in optimizing the wash conditions to help protect fiber integrity and preserve that “like-new” feel.  Tide FiberSCIENCE experts also focus on improving the cognitive-emotional connection to clothes thanks to a combination of unique fresh scent technologies and impeccable cleaning against invisible stains that can cause odor.”

Getting a lesson from P&G scientists on how the new Tide HE Turbo works.
I adored the “collapsible bubbles” technology in Tide’s new formulation! How do fewer bubbles help maintain clothing’s strength and appearance?  “This year, for the first time ever, more households in the US and Canada will have high efficiency washing machines.  These washing machines are highly efficient and use up to 1/3 the amount of water of traditional washing machines. To that end, they have sensors that monitor suds levels in the wash water as it flows out of the washer to ensure they use only the minimal amount of water to rinse your clothes.  Some detergents use the same high sudsing formulas for their “HE” designated detergents as their “traditional” detergents, which causes the washing machine to go through multiple rinses to get rid of the suds—leading up to 10 gallons of water that is wasted and up to 25 minutes of extra time in the cycle.  And sometimes the washing machine stops the extra rinses even before all the suds are removed, leading to a crusty layer on the clothes which causes them to feel stiff and uncomfortable.  Tide HE Turbo formulas are specifically designed for optimum performance in HE washers with collapsible suds technology and fast-acting cleaning agents.  This means that your clothes will feel, look and smell great wash after wash.”

With Downy Infusions’ new Botanical Mist, its renewing scent pearls allows for a fresh burst of fragrance throughout the day. Through R&D, was this something customers have been asking for?   

“We speak to thousands of consumers each year, and they tell us that long-lasting freshness is a top concern.  And we know from Dr. Rosenblum’s presentation that odors that we aren’t even consciously aware of can influence our perception of other people, and even our moods.  Studies have shown that if you show someone a photograph of a person, they will judge them to be less attractive if there is a barely perceptible unpleasant odor in the room in which the subject is sitting.  In contrast, pleasant smells can improve a person’s impression of another person and even a person’s mood and even work performance.  Inspired by the link between people’s emotions and scent, Downy enhances garments and moods with sophisticated renewing scent pearls technology and perfume oils that provide an irresistible freshness experience and long-lasting fragrance throughout the day.  Downy is like a fine fragrance for your clothes and the scents in Downy have been developed by professional perfumers at P&G using the same approaches we employ in the development of our fine perfumes.”

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