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7 Instagram manicures to try out this fall


A vampy lip and a chunky sweater go hand in hand in the fall, but don’t forget about the nails! Manicure trends come and go, as seen on the runway, but if you’re looking for a more timeless mani, we have you covered. Not a fan of bejeweled nails? Me neither! Take a look at some of my favorite manicures for the fall.

Tip: Use a toothpick tip dipped in nail polish and rub off the excess before outlining the designs for a clean and sharp look.

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Tip: Use a matte top coat instead of a shiny one for a more classic and autumnal look, but keep the statement finger shiny for a better contrast!

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Tip: The metallic looks hard to achieve, but it’s really simple! You need gold leaf paper that can be purchased at any decoration store, and any kind of pointy tool. Rip the paper in small pieces accordingly and use the tool to place it on your (almost dry) nail polish. Seal it off with a top coat! This style looks good on any nail shape, too!

Tip: The geometric shapes were seen on the runway this season, and now they’re on our Instagram feeds. Achieve the perfect lines with tape, but be careful when using tape on nails that aren’t dry yet. This nail art will certainly take you a long time, so feel free to watch a Netflix show while doing it.

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Tip: We had to include a french mani! The frosted accent nail is perfect for the Holiday season, and if it’s too much for you, replace glitter with a light metallic color.

Tip: With this look, you can use virtually any color. For the fall, I recommend a light taupe color with pink undertones paired with a pink glitter. Use a base coat before laying the glitters (or else it’ll be a pain to remove): it makes it look more even!

Tip: This elegant twist on the French nail looks stunning but you need to be meticulous. For the thin lines, we recommend using eyelid tape cut in half (or any size you wish) and applying it to the tip, over a a few coats of black. Then, cover the rest of the nail and the gap with the color you wish!

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