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Interview with a Perfumer


Our Q+A with Bruno Jovanovic for Calvin Klein

This spring, Calvin Klein launched its most recent interpretation of euphoria, a fragrance that is all about seduction. Introducing endless euphoria, a delicious hint of summer, which smells light and radiant. We had the privilege of chatting with Bruno Jovanovic, perfumer and the creator of this fresh fragrance, during his most recent stop in Toronto.

BEAUTY_14artIts essence

“Calvin Klein wanted to please the euphoria woman, but in another state of mind; through the idea of passive seduction through wellness,” starts Jovanovic. With this floral elixir, we move from provocation to sensuality, a slight naïveté, to pay tribute to natural beauty. “The endless euphoria woman is comfortable in her own skin; she’s natural, as though she wasn’t wearing any makeup… if she is wearing any, you can’t really tell!”


Cherry blossoms in full bloom steal the show, completed by notes of mandarin and bergamot. Flowers are dominant right down to the heart of the vial. Violet, rose, and lilac are the scents that linger on our skin. The eau de parfum reveals a bamboo composition as a finale, to express its full sensuality. But what exactly does bamboo smell like?

“Bamboo has a rather thin scent that is slightly woodsy but quite green. That being said, it’s not possible to extract it in nature. What I can do is recreate its scent by analyzing it, and then making my own interpretation of it by giving the star role to its more interesting aspects,” explains Jovanovic. And that’s how bamboo à la Jovanovic, with its enhanced woodsy and aqueous accents, gives this beautifully light fragrance its texture.

When magic happens

“What I’m most proud of when it comes to this fragrance is its overall harmony,” continues the master perfumer. “I love the independent notes like the cherry blossoms and bamboo composition, but what I like most is the effect achieved when someone wears the eau de parfum. It creates a floral dimension that is quite lovely, and full of joy.”

After having tried it, we can confirm that the fragrance is both bubbly and calming, simple and lively. “You can never know how someone will feel when they wear a fragrance you’ve created. But when I create it, I want the person wearing it to feel sexy and happy. Those are the two keywords. It’s the key: we create joy!”

The perfumer, whose roots are Serbian, grew up in Paris. He remembers himself back at the age of five or six, sitting in his parents’ room, taking a whiff of his mother’s perfumes when he missed her. He also remembers the fragrances that made his summers in Serbia even more beautiful. “The beauty of fragrances is that they take us back in time,” he states.

A box full of tips

After this poet of scents charmed us with his powerful fragrance story, we took advantage of the occasion to ask him for a few tips for choosing a fragrance. “I always say ‘Give the fragrance a chance’. Most people judge a perfume within the first two seconds, and that’s the worst mistake you can make, because I spend years creating them. The person needs to wear the fragrance in order to notice the chemistry that is at work.”

So how much time should you wait? “It’s not about waiting; you should never wait. It’s just about living your life and forgetting about it,” specifies Jovanovic. “If the perfume suits you, you’ll get compliments. People will say ‘Wow, you smell amazing!’ and you’ll even smell it yourself. The choice is an important one, because the fragrance will become your signature scent.”

We bet you’re itching to delve into this world of well-being, too! Fragrances have a way of making us daydream…

endless euphoria Eau de Parfum, $49 (40mL), $79 (75mL), $99 (125mL) at Hudson’s Bay, Sears, Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart, Pharmaprix and Jean Coutu.

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