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Body positive advocate, Jordyn Woods launched her second collection with ADDITION ELLE just in time for the holidays.  With an overwhelmingly positive response to her first collection, she went in a decidedly different direction for this collaboration with NOLA, the brand’s active wear line.  The 12-piece line is versatile, trendy athleisure designed for the fashion forward woman in sizes 12-26 with prices from $26-$158.  We had a chance to chat with Jordyn about her fashions and her inspiration in life.

How did your collaboration with ADDITION ELLE start?

ADDITION ELLE is the first client that I modelled for.  I’ve always been impressed with the high quality and fit of their clothing.  We decided to work together on this and I got to open their show at New York Fashion Week which was really exciting.

What is the inspiration behind your second collection with ADDITON ELLE?

This collection has more athleisure and is more street style.  It’s edgier, but still wearable and it can be dressed up or down.

As you’ve mentioned, this line is sexy urban chic athleisure.  What are some tips to take some of the key pieces and dress them up to mix and match your look?

You can wear a dress under the varsity jacket or even wear it with cool jeans and heels.  I like a body suit under the NOLA Harem Jogger Pants – it’s comfortable and cute!

Do you ever run ideas for your collections with your BFFs, and if so, what advice do they give you?

I have my own vision for my collections.  I may ask my friends for their thoughts, but it’s my vision.

Who are your fashion idols?

I don’t have one in particular.  I love people who are who they are.  I look at feedback from fans on my collections and use it towards my next collections.  I like to hear what the women who are buying and wearing my clothes think.


You are young, successful and beautiful.  What advice would you give someone who is trying to break into the plus sized modelling business?

As a plus size model, it’s intimidating to enter the fashion world.  Don’t let people push you down.  You have to be willing to take rejection.  You also have to experiment and try new things.

You are so body positive and one of the role models that young women look to for inspiration.  What tips would you give young women who don’t have your confidence?

Every day is different, and you may not always feel like the best version of yourself.  Don’t forget that you need to accept yourself.  Whether it’s just getting dressed or in life in general, you have to be accepting and put positive intentions out there.  Go for it!

What story are you trying to tell with your Instagram account?

I don’t tell a story with it.  I show my life, I like to be cool and mysterious.  I take a picture and leave it open for interpretation.  We all have to our own story.

What is your fitness routine?

As you get older, health is very important.  When I lost my dad it was a huge reality check.  I don’t want to get sick and have it be something that I could prevent.  I try to work out once a day.  I walk, hike, anything as long as it’s once a day.  When I’m not working, I have a trainer for working out and a diet plan and that works for me when I have more time.  Don’t listen to your mind, listen to your body and that will help with your fitness routine.

What can we expect from your upcoming collections?

My upcoming collection will be similar.  I want to stay consistent and go with the flow.  Ultimately, I’d like to be more directly in high fashion.

The Fast Four:

  • Must have item when traveling?
  • Your three favourite items from this collection? The NOLA Varsity Jacket, the NOLA Crew Neck Sweater with Print (Love) – it has a great fit and the matching Harem Jogger Pant.  They look effortless and cute together!
  • Most common misconception about you? People always think that my personality is the opposite of what it is.
  • Your wish for the holidays? Good health.  It is the most important thing.


You can find the collection at select ADDITON ELLE store across Canada or


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