Is Multi-Masking the Secret Weapon for Radiant Skin?


Get your masks, get ready, go!
Do you have an oily forehead, but dry cheeks? We feel you. When it comes to facials, there’s no doubt that combination skin poses the most problems. Like any self-respecting beautista, you’ve probably been scouring shops and combing through your magazine inventory to find the product that’ll offer you glowing skin… but has it all been in vain? What if the secret to getting a peach-soft complexion lies in the art of multi-masking? Check out the latest beauty trend that’s only been gaining popularity.

A quick face mask before bed? Phew! So 2014! It’s completely logical – why treat your entire face the same way with only a single product when each area requires specific care? Aha! Yeah… we’ve been wondering why we didn’t think of it before too. Thanks to multi-masking, you can have a personally tailored beauty treatment.

What’s the best part? All combinations are possible. Under the #multimasking hashtag, you’ll see a rapidly increasing number of women posting a selfie, and maintaining their dignity, of what appears to be a failed attempt at… face painting. But the truth is that they’re just proudly sharing their own miraculous recipe. Vive sisterhood!

Here are some of my current essentials to help you concoct your own super-mix. Switch it up to your liking!

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