Jason Priestley Talks Clean Water

The former 90210 star shows us his humanitarian side
“So, Caroline: Jason Priestley will be in Toronto on February 24. Want to have lunch with him?”
“Um, yes!”Getting the opportunity to have lunch with Jason Priestley: what luck! You probably won’t be surprised to know that I was a huge Beverly Hills 90210 fan as a youngster, so to fly to Toronto and actually meet Brandon Walsh—now an award-winning actor, a father of two, and an ambassador to support in impoverished countries—was terribly exciting. The actor was out and about, raising awareness for a cause close to his hear: the lack of clean drinking water in certain Third World countries. So we chatted.

It’s true, here in Canada, the access to safe drinking water is rarely the subject of an article. Here, we’re privileged to have this resource available to us at all times. And on the off-chance it has to be cut off for a few days—even a few hours—it can be very destabilizing.And so Priestley wanted to talk about a very special campaign: he partnered up with P&G to support the Children’s Safe Drinking Water foundation. This organization offers miniature filters, packets that essentially purify water quickly and easily thanks to the powder contained therein. Each bag can be used in up to 10L of water to remove contaminants, dirt, bacteria, viruses and other elements in order to make water clean and, especially, drinkable.


Curious to learn more about these magical packets? Check out this video for a demonstration :

Priestley also told us about his recent trip to the Dominican Republic this past October to see for himself the lack of access to clean water. What he saw was initially upsetting; surprising, even: “People all go to the same place to get their water. This place can even be in someone’s yard! The wells are located too close to septic tanks, way too close. ”

The actor and the P&G team brought forth these sanitation packets, and the reaction has so far seemed good. People are also on-hand to educate the public on how to use them, to ensure they understand the process.

“Despite the lack of resources on-site, the children are happy, and people help another other; it’s not like it is here. They still live in communities there, which is nice to see. They don’t have much, but they’ll give you whatever they have, out of the goodness of their hearts,” he explains.

We finally asked him how this visit changed him: “I’ve regained a confidence in people. I firmly believe that if given the tools to do better, they will use them. People are strong, they are made strong, and we mustn’t forget that. ”

Until March 31st, it’s easy for everyone across Canada. Here’s how:

– Buy one P&G cleaning products at Walmart.
– 1 product purchased = 1 day of clean water.
– So shop wisely!
So simple to do a bit of good, wouldn’t you agree?

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