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July Editorial


My travel essentials
Stockholm, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Lunenburg… I’m doing a lot of jet-setting this month! Extremely devoted to my suitcase, I’m keeping some of my essentials on-hand so travelling will go smoothly. In my bag I’m bringing…


Neutrogena wipes
Easy makeup removal, instant refreshment – these makeup remover wipes are essential when travelling. They follow me from the plane to the night out – as I avoid carrying too many cleansers. Bonus: these come with a fresh grapefruit scent!
$10.99 in pharmacies.


Hydra-Filler cream by Filorga
Planes are synonymous with dehydration. The more I travel, the lessmakeup I wear and the more I take care of my skin – especially in the air. I love the Filorga label, whose moisturizers are rich, but not greasy. If I have to bring one product when travelling to use in the morning and evening, it’s going to be Hydra-Filler. Full of hyaluronic acid, it fights dry skin while brightening the complexion. A must!
$80 at Sephora and Holt Renfrew.


The HTC One M9 phone
I loooove my new phone! When I first got it, I immediately understood that this new personal device was so much more than just a smart phone. Oh, but I need the latest camera! Not a problem – this camera has 20 megapixels, super-high video resolution, and even a Zoe app for creating short videos and editing photos. Handy when you travel so much! And my music? It’s got two Dolby Surround 5.1 stereo speakers, and nothing less! It’s in work mode when I’m at the office, but as soon as I get home it reduces my notifications. As soon as I wake up, I get a news feed from my favourite news sources. HTC: a self-extension. That says it all!
About $800 at Telus, Bell and Rogers.


The H&M parka
This is goes everywhere I go ATM. I wear it out in the evening with high heels, and bring it with me during the day to stay warm. Ultra practical and super comfortable for everyday. Annother key item to have in your wardrobe this summer.
$49.99 in stores


Nano 5.0 Reebok shoes
I find it impossible to leave for extended periods of time without dragging my running aresenal along wtih me! Although I frequently change running shoes, right now I’m addicted to the comfort of the Nano 5.0 Reebok. Lightweight and durable enough for a variety of activities, I’m (almost) tempted to wear them to visit the city. Ha!
$140 online.


Palette Rivages by Lise Waiter
This eyeshadow pallate can easily create gorgeous looks for day and night. Their easy-to wear colours come in a powder-cream formula that I love applying. Only one box, and bam! My beauty travel kit is almost complete!
$54 at Lise Waiter retailers.


And you? What are your favourite products when travelling? Leave a comment!

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