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June Editorial: Cheers to a Confident Year!


During a recent photo shoot for my blog, it suddenly hit me: self-confidence is not only something that can be developed, it’s something that we all have to work on. Although it’s not taught at school, self-confidence is something that we can all learn. It’s an essential characteristic that each person must have to be successful in both life and in work. Yet, we still talk about it today like it is a taboo subject, especially among women. Why is that?

This month, at divine.ca, we’re talking about bikinis, summer fashion, fitness videos, and of course, we have some Father’s Day content for you. But, the beginning of the summer season also inspired me to talk about self-confidence, a subject that is very dear to us. 2017 was very significant with respect to the status of women in our society, and the events of the past few months only seem to deepen what is finally happening today: women are finally speaking out. Whether it’s Meghan Markle, who identifies as a feminist, adapting her wedding vows to eliminate any sign of submission – never before seen in royal history – or the scores of women coming out about Harvey Weinstein’s abuse of power, women are finding their voice. To say that women are getting more confident is an understatement, and we couldn’t be any prouder!

I’d like to end on that epiphany that I had during my photo shoot; that moment when I realized that self-confidence was first and foremost a choice, and that it is possible to work on it every day. Whether it’s as hard as speaking out when being treated unfairly or as simple as trying power posing, wearing clothes that make us feel good in our own skin, or listening to a podcast about self-development, confidence is our mantra this year!

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