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Katy Perry Collection: Shoes with a little kick


For those who love Katy Perry and her eccentric and colorful style, you’ll be happy to know that her new Katy Perry Collection shoe collection was launched back in 2017. Katy Perry’s style is anything but ordinary. The details of her collection are inspired by her travels, her sense of humor, and her colorful imagination. This collection is all you need to add a touch of fantasy to your style — in a glamorous way. Shoes with lemons, shark shapes, vibrant colors, and heels in domino or cactus shapes: that’s what you’ll be finding in this collection. There are also a few pairs for everyday-wear, but seriously, it’s the eccentric and colorful ones that we fell in love with. They are not available at any retailer in Canada at the moment, but they are available online.

Here are some models that caught our eye:

The Milii, 92,72$

The Citron, 197,35$

The Bliss, 237,09$

The Stacie, 223,85$

The Rose, 131,13$

The Candy, 92,72$

The Bonnie, 119,21$

The Margie, 197,35$

The Marian, 79,47$

The Sadiee, 92,72$

The Rosemarie, 197,35$

The Nakano, 112,59$

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