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A new line from Elizabeth Arden
Our thirties are synonymous with the appearance of fine lines, age spots and thinning skin… all the first signs of aging. Not that we’re complaining (hardly), but our skin did start losing elasticity the minute, or even before we said goodbye to our twenties. We usually need to juggle different moisturizing creams with SPF protection, combining them with anti-wrinkle creams; there are very few complete skincare products designed to treat acne-prone skin that’s only beginning to age. Much to our content, a new product by Elizabeth Arden now addresses these different needs. Below, a look at Flawless Future.

Rice kefiran: a choice ingredient
Kefir, which is made from fermented milk, originates from the Caucasus Mountains of Eastern Europe; its name stems from the Turkish word “keif”, meaning “well-being”. Legend has it that cattle herders were known to have beautiful skin, and also lived longer. It wasn’t long before scientists found that yeast-positive bacteria result in good digestion and a stronger immune system.
Researchers have recently used these findings to reproduce a type of kefir made from rice, the former of which boasts the same properties through the fermentation of the latter. This beauty ingredient called “kefiran” smooths fine lines and wrinkles, corrects redness and treats acne—a kind of miracle ingredient. This derivative of kefir is at the heart of Elizabeth Arden’s new preventative skincare line.

Is aging the same for everyone?
When we asked Aurélie Felix-Gonnot, senior researcher for the beauty brand, she explained that “80% of skin aging is a result of our environment. The degree of pollution in big cities, exposure to the sun and a harsher climate also factor into this.” But we knew that, right? Since we won’t be escaping the city to go live in the great outdoors anytime soon, we instead try to take the necessary precautions by equipping ourselves with skincare products with SPF protection, and by adopting a healthy diet and a balanced lifestyle.

Flawless Future
Used as is or in combination with Elizabeth Arden’s other skincare solutions, this range of products boasts extensive properties. Some details, below:

1. FLAWLESS FUTURE Caplet Serum, $72: This skincare solution made up of tiny beads refreshes the skin and brightens the complexion. It also promises to reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier, even out skin tone and diminish the appearance of early signs of wrinkles.
2. FLAWLESS FUTURE Eye Gel, $48: This is a gel designed for the delicate skin around the eyes, which brightens the area and reduces signs of stress and fatigue. It also reinforces said area to reduce the look of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness.
3. FLAWLESS FUTURE Moisture Cream Broad Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 30, $60: It’s a moisturizing cream (available with or without SPF) that brightens the complexion and diminishes the appearance of imperfections. The result? Luminous, revitalized and firm skin.

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