Kitchen Finds You’ll Love

5 essentials for all your culinary needs!
The kitchen: most of us spend lots of time in there. From sitting down for breakfast, whipping up a quick lunch, or enjoying dinner, we want the most-used room in our home to look a bit of the pretty side. So we’ve found some great storage, baking and cooking finds you’ll love. Some may be a bit on the quirky side, but all of them fall into the practical category.
1. Bright red and looks good on your counter, this adorable bread box can be the small item that will certainly get our friends to ask where they can get one of their own!
Mini Retro Bin, $35.95 at Stir the sauce, achieve the perfect drum solo on the side of the pot. These fun wooden spoons are a treat to have in the kitchen. Music makes the cooking task go by quickly, after all!
Fred & Friends Drumstick Spoons, $11 USD online.

3. If you’re one to make your own pizza dough or pasta noodles, this tool will help you achieve any desired thickness thanks to its removable discs.
Adjustable Rolling Pin, $32.99 at Hudson’s Bay.

4. Tiny kitchen with little cabinet space? This plate holder can showcase your dishware set on your counter in style.
VARIERA Plate Holder, $12.99 at IKEA.

5. Grating cheese is never a fun task; in fact, grating that whole block of cheddar cheese can be arduous. But at least this briefcase-shaped grater can up the fun factor just a wee bit.
Briefcase Grater, $15 USD at

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