Love Your Job Again

We all get bored or restless at work sometimes, and if the feeling persists, we soon grow frustrated and anxious to move on. Before you decide that quitting is your only option, take some time to reflect on your current situation. After all, there were reasons why you loved your job in the first place—and it’s not impossible for you to re-ignite that passion. Here are five ways to help change your work attitude to a more positive one!


1. Be realistic with your expectations. Sure, you may have heard of another company that offers better benefits, more vacation time, or a more flexible schedule. However, employees at these companies likely have gripes about their jobs, too. Many of us have a tendency to think that the grass is greener on the other side, but the reality is that no job is perfect. Instead of focusing on all things you don’t like, make a list of all the things you do enjoy about your workplace. For example, do you have paid time off during the holidays? Does your company offer telecommuting privileges? Writing down all the good points will perhaps help you to view your job with more optimism.

2. Ask for new challenges. If you feel that your tasks and responsibilities have become mundane, then it’s time to speak up. First, think of some areas in which you would like to improve your skills, and then brainstorm on a couple of projects that can help you to achieve this. Next, schedule a meeting with your boss to let her know that you are enthusiastic about taking on new assignments, and propose your ideas to her. This will help to renew your interest in your work, as well as demonstrate your ability to take initiative.

3. Make use of professional development opportunities. Talk to your HR manager or consult your employee handbook to find out what type of resources your company provides for professional development. Employee benefits could be in the form of tuition reimbursements, on-site training sessions, or mentoring opportunities, all of which can help you develop new skills and continue on your path of career progression.

4. Connect with your colleagues on a personal level. Most people would agree that part of their job satisfaction stems from the interactions they have with their colleagues. If you’re the type to eat your lunch at your desk every day, it’s time to break this habit and start getting to know your fellow co-workers. After all, they are the ones you spend a good portion of your day with! Whether it’s commiserating with each other about tight deadlines or sharing a laugh about what you saw on TV the night before, making social connections with others will help to make your workplace, and thus your job, a lot more pleasant.

5. Take pride in how your job impacts others. Think about the tasks you perform and the ways in which they positively affect the lives of other people. For example, as a sales consultant, you are providing your client with a valuable service or product. As a graphic designer, you are creating interesting artwork that will be seen and admired by others. No matter what role you’re in, by viewing your work as a personal contribution to something greater, your job will likely feel more meaningful and inspire you to constantly put your best foot forward.

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