Maple Syrup Drinks to Try in the Spring! –

Maple Syrup Drinks to Try in the Spring!


The weather is going up, and sugar shack season is almost over. It feels like the sweet season went by so fast! But, don’t worry, because we got our hands on two delicious drinks that combine the sweetness of your favorite Canadian syrup, and the warmth of the summer. Here’s what we thought of the new Tim Hortons drinks!


You know the famous iced cap by Tim Hortons, right? It’s back this season with a little something extra. The new maple syrup iced cap is de-li-cious! Not only is it refreshing and gives you that extra dose of caffeine, it tastes like the maple syrup Canada pride itself over. Oh, did I forget to mention that you can also have whipped cream and crunchy maple flakes on top of it? A gourmet drink, nothing less!


Are you looking for a refreshing drink, but not feeling the caffeine? Our best friend Tims also offers, for a limited time, a creamy maple chill. The same melting texture as the iced cap, with as much delicious maple flavor inside. This one can also be topped with whipped cream. A perfect drink any time of the day!


We loooove these new drinks, and although we are #coffeeaddicts, this time, the choice is hard! Which one will you try?

*This content has been made possible thanks to Tim Hortons.

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