Here’s Your March Break Family Plan –

Here’s Your March Break Family Plan

Spring break is always something kids look forward to; it’s one week without school, after all! Not going on a family vacation this year? No worries—there are plenty of fun and educational activities you can do as a family without going out of town. We’ve got a ready-made schedule to help you plan your week!
Note: If you need to go to work during the week, try to arrange for a sitter to do some of the activity suggestions, or plan to have another mom take your kids in exchange for having hers over on another day.


When is the last time you went to an aquarium, insectarium or even the zoo? Many of these facilities remain open in winter.

Take advantage of the trip and make sure your kids learn about at least five new species: what are they called? Where do they live? What do they eat?

Have them compile the answers to the questions mentioned above, and ask them to either write a story or make a collage about them using cut-outs from pamphlets they gathered, or photos printed from the Internet.


Take the kids to a nearby pool and swim around and play with them for a few hours.

Tip: If your kids are old enough to swim with minimal supervision, why not get a few laps in while you’re there?
Spend the afternoon doing crafts at home. Get them started on some Easter crafts or just help them make something nice to give Grandma on her next birthday.

Alternative option: spend the afternoon or evening playing board games together!


Ever been to the science centre? It’s a great learning experience for kids and parents alike. Science centres often have a variety of activities available and special events planned. If there is none near you, plan a trip to a planetarium instead.

Let the kids choose a movie and head to the theatre together!


Have a “let’s-learn-to-cook” day. Show your kids how to make a basic dish (or a fancier one if they’re already comfortable in the kitchen) and serve it for supper.
Move on to dessert in the afternoon. Go for something that is yummy and fun to make, like cupcakes. You’ll have a blast decorating them together!


Check out which museums have special kids’ expositions or activities in your region and head out for a day of art appreciation.

Prepare to have a night of camping in the living room! Set up a tent if you can, and eat sandwiches and finger food on a blanket for supper. You can even complete the evening by sitting around telling scary stories before hitting the sleeping bags.

Get the whole family outdoors and go alpine or cross-country skiing, or tubing.

Inexpensive alternative: Grab a couple Krazy Karpets and head to a nearby park for some sledding action, or lace up your skates and hit the outdoor rink!


Prepare a big potluck brunch at home (each member of the family can make something; it can be as simple as toast or bowls of cereal for the younger kids) and enjoy it as a family.

Rent a few movies and watch them together for some relaxing family time before the kids go back to school the next day. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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