Maternity: 3 Outfits for the Holidays –

Maternity: 3 Outfits for the Holidays


Dressing up whilst pregnant is no piece of cake. Trust me on this one! Being 27 weeks pregnant, I’ve had to put away many of my favourite clothing items. Every week, I’m asking myself which item is going to have to go next! But, by discovering the gorgeous holidays collection at Thyme Maternity, my growing belly has been more stylish again. I’ve even taken on the role of a model for a day, to show you three of my favourite festive looks.

1. Christmas morning


Comfort is key when you are pregnant. Although it’s nice to have cute clothes, if they aren’t comfortable, they won’t be worn much. That’s why I fell in love with these three pieces. First of all, because of their fuzzy interiors, these leggings are comfier than your favourite pajamas. And that cardigan? Simply perfect. Worn with a white top or a loose blouse like mine, the look is great for a brunch on Christmas morning or for unwrapping gifts with your family.

2. Dinner with friends


For a night out with friends, no need to overdo it. Once again, leggings are your ally. To combine elegance and comfort, a longer top will complete the outfit. What is great with maternity clothing is that they look totally “normal”, but their cut allows so much more movement. Add some nice accessories and shoes (if you’re still capable of walking in them) and the outfit is complete!

3. Christmas Eve


Because it only happens once a year, why not get all dolled up on Christmas Eve? This dress might seem very simple, but with its discreet sequins, its open back and the pleats on the side, it is as comfortable as pretty. To put your stomach under the spotlight, accessorize the dress with a belt! You’ll see, it makes all the difference.

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